Judy Klipin

judy klipin

Judy Klipin is a Boundaries, Burnout and Balance Life Coach and the author of Life Lessons for the Adult Child. She has written a series for 1Life that explores four practical steps that you can take to change your life for the better in 2017. http://judyklipin.com/

Top health tips for 2018 – our experts weigh in
We spoke to five health and wellness experts to find out what they wish their clients could get right in 2018. Their answers were illuminating.

Make a plan
A life coach offers practical tools to help you make – and successfully execute – your long term and short terms plans

How to get rid of habits that aren’t working for you!
Get rid of unhelpful habits and behaviours, so you pick up those that work better for you

You are No 1: here’s how to put you first!
Being others-centred can leave you exhausted and resentful. Take care of your own needs, too.

Change what you can
There are some things in life that we can control, and some things we can’t.