1Life savings issue

Every South African needs a little help saving hard-earned rands and cents. We’ve put together this series of blogs on how you can save on everyday monthly expenses that really add up! 

5 ways to save on home maintenance
Repairing and maintaining your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these 5 cost-saving tips to DIY your way through affordable home repairs.

5 great ways to save on insurance
We’re all looking for ways to save on costs. We’ve found five ways to save on your premiums to make insurance more affordable.

5 ways to save on back to school
South Africa’s children are nearly back at school. But first, you need to do the back-to-school shopping. This is how you can save on all those items…

5 ways to save on beauty treatments and products
Beauty products and treatments don’t come cheap, but if you have an eye for a good deal, you can find ways to save money on looking and feeling great.

5 clever ways to save on cleaning products
You use them every day and you buy them every month. Cleaning products end up costing you a lot more than you think. Here’s how to cut some of those costs.