1Life savings issue

Every South African needs a little help saving hard-earned rands and cents. We’ve put together this series of blogs on how you can save on everyday monthly expenses that really add up! 

5 cheaper and healthier alternatives to everyday items in your trolley
Trying to keep the spiralling costs of food under control? These food swaps will save you money AND keep you healthier.

5 things that you are paying for that you could do yourself
Don’t pay for services you don’t need! Save yourself a packet of money by doing beauty treatments, home repairs and car washes for yourself.

Top 5 ways to save on holiday travel
Everyone loves a holiday, but even local travel costs a lot of money. These 5 tips will help you to nab the best deal at the lowest rate!

5 ways to save on home maintenance
Repairing and maintaining your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these 5 cost-saving tips to DIY your way through affordable home repairs.

5 great ways to save on insurance
We’re all looking for ways to save on costs. We’ve found five ways to save on your premiums to make insurance more affordable.

5 ways to save on back to school
South Africa’s children are nearly back at school. But first, you need to do the back-to-school shopping. This is how you can save on all those items…